What other value addition does Qoodo provide?

The Qoodo Ecosystem is unique because of the value we bring to our clients with our services and app features.

  • Security – Qoodo has ISO 27001 certificate to maintain high-security standards by following the prescribed policies. The app uses a standard security approach for user authorization. For example, users get email alerts to confirm their registration, login attempts and whenever they switch accounts. The Qoodo app relies on the Blockchain to guarantee 100% transparency, safety, and immutability. Blockchain allows users to trace their transactions and ensure the highest levels of security.

  • Limitation to prevent fraud – Qoodo focuses on fraud prevention tactics, especially as users are known to operate using each other’s accounts and avoid paying subscriptions. Qoodo limits user actions, like the frequency of changing signatures and profile names. It also tracks other actions that can be used to commit fraud. Qoodo Blockchain technology offers immutability, preventing anyone from tampering with existing verified records. It helps track each transaction and thus helps prevent fraud.

  • Compliance – Qoodo allows leaders to lock all previous data entered into the system to prevent users from altering them. It also helps track users who edit previously recorded data. Qoodo instructs users about how, when, and where they should perform mandatory tasks. The Qoodo Wizard creates an environment compatible with mandatory standards.

  • User-first solutions - Qoodo kept in mind that even though task management can be complex still users need a fast and easy way to organize it. That is why our "Click and Swipe", smart notification, Task tree, and mind map solutions have been developed. Our designers and developers worked hard to deliver a special and unique UI architecture.

  • Our Technology – We use MERN stack for our web app and Flutter frontend for the mobile interface. The MERN Stack provides numerous capabilities and plugins to improve operational efficiency with the backside development platform and construct fast web apps and APIs. The advantage of Mern Stack is that it is separated into two components, the frontend, and the back end, with the database system isolated from the rest. It is one of the best solutions for offshore IT applications. Using Flutter helps reduce code development time, increases the time-to-market speed, offers simple platform-specific logic implementation, and has the potential ability to go beyond mobile. An excellent aspect of Flutter is that the code can run on all devices, like desktops, mobile, and web platforms.

  • Polygon Chain – The QDO token works on the Polygon blockchain platform. The advantages are increased flexibility, scalability, and sovereignty of the blockchain project while still being secure, interoperable, and enjoying the structural benefits of the Ethereum blockchain.

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