Future Prospects: What Awaits QDO in the Future?

To better understand the future outlook for Qoodo, let's first take stock of its current status and achievements:

  1. MVP Delivery: We successfully delivered our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at the end of the summer in 2022.

  2. Active User Base: Currently, we have approximately 40 active users who are consistently utilizing and testing our application, providing invaluable feedback for improvements.

  3. Team Growth and Partnerships: We've significantly expanded our team and forged key partnerships that will accelerate our progress toward achieving our objectives.

  4. QDO Token Launch: We are on the verge of launching the QDO token, poised to revolutionize the project and quality management industry.

Now, let's delve into our exciting future prospects:

1. Educational System Integration: We have ambitious plans to integrate an educational system, enabling users to attain specific certificates, further enhancing their professional credentials.

2. Document Wizard Launch: Our Document Wizard, designed for creating various assessment documents, is slated for an imminent release. Clients will have the convenience of ordering professional and mandatory assessments with ease.

3. Audit System Beta Launch: We are on the cusp of introducing the beta version of our Audit system, a crucial step toward streamlining quality management processes. 4. QDO Explorer and Tracker: We are planning to launch the beta version of the QDO Explorer and Tracker. These tools will provide transparent and real-time insights into Qoodo's quality-related checkpoints and product tracking.

5. Community and User Base Expansion: Our roadmap outlines a comprehensive strategy to expand our community and user base, fostering a thriving ecosystem around our platform.

6. QDO Token Utilization: As we continue to evolve, we are committed to implementing all planned utilities for the QDO token, ensuring its integral role in our ecosystem. We remain vigilant in exploring innovative use cases that enhance work quality, promoting lasting benefits for all stakeholders. 7. So many more utilities and features that support gamified quality management.

The future for Qoodo is brimming with promise and innovation as we steadfastly work towards our vision of redefining project and quality management.

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