Qoodo Ecosystem

Besides Qoodo App's quality management system, our ecosystem provides complete in-house solutions for all of the needs required for meeting regulatory standards, maintaining quality work, or just achieving higher efficiency. Below are some instruments that form part of the ecosystem, briefly described; we will delve into their details later on:

Qoodo Document Wizard

The Qoodo Document Wizard, a mandatory document-generating feature, generates all risk assessment documents in the simplest manner possible.

Qoodo Audit

Qoodo Audit, a custom and AI-powered quality assurance system, allows users in managing roles to perform inspection tasks and include them in the compliance metric. This custom protocol creation system can be specialized to all kinds of activities, areas, objects, items, etc., that require inspection.

Qoodo Education Platform

Qoodo Education Platform imparts the mandatory and Customised training required in various fields like catering, food service, workspace ergonomics, work safety, labor, and food and fire safety.

Qoodo Help Desk

Qoodo Help Desk is a user-friendly comprehensive knowledge base that helps clarify all doubts regarding the Qoodo Ecosystem.

QDO Star System

The QDO Star System is a certification system that acknowledges the work and contribution of its community members and serves as an encouragement to existing and new users.

QDO Explorer and tracker

The Qoodo blockchain solution enables clients to use the Certification system and product data tracking, making specific transactional details available on-chain. While Qoodo App is the primary recording point, QDO Explorer and QDO product tracker are the platforms to track on-chain data.

Qoodo Marketplace

Qoodo Marketplace is a marketplace for finding the best suppliers and hiring employees with the help of the QDO token.

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