Qoodo Audit

The Qoodo Audit system is a comprehensive quality assurance solution driven by AI technology. It empowers users in managerial roles to establish and enforce internal protocols and conduct regular controls. This system enables users to create custom tests and audit frames tailored to meet specific requirements, which are then incorporated into the compliance metric.

By creating these custom tests and audit frames, users can thoroughly assess the adherence of their processes and operations to established protocols. These audits generate valuable data that contribute to the compliance metric within the Qoodo Audit system. The compliance metric serves as a measure of the organization's overall compliance performance.

The compliance metric plays a significant role in determining the monthly token rewards for users. The more comprehensive and accurate the audits conducted by users, the better their compliance metric performance. Higher compliance metric scores indicate a strong commitment to compliance and adherence to established protocols, resulting in increased monthly token rewards for the users.

In other words, the audit results directly affect the users' ability to earn rewards in the form of tokens. By consistently conducting thorough audits and maintaining high levels of compliance, users can improve their audit performance, thereby increasing their monthly token rewards.

QDO tokens also play a crucial role in accessing special templates and premium features within the Qoodo Audit system. These premium features are designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the audit processes, providing users with advanced tools and functionalities.

This incentive structure encourages users to actively engage with the Qoodo Audit system, as it rewards them for their commitment to maintaining compliance and upholding quality standards. The system promotes a culture of continuous improvement, where users are motivated to conduct regular audits, implement action plans, and strive for excellence in their compliance efforts.

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