Perform to Earn

The flow:

Powered by the blockchain

Perform to Earn is a performance-based, fair, and transparent new-generation reward program powered by the QDO token. The system was built in a way that incentivizes all roles accordingly in a way that leaders are responsible for the employees' performance and employees are striving for better quality performance and productivity, thus making the whole work environment fair and cooperative. The owner of the Qoodo subscription, generally the owner or a manager of the business (we call them Admins) can then invite other leaders and employees after they created the site (workspace). The users are rewarded for accomplishing custom tasks as well as mandatory tracking and inspection-related tasks and projects while the performances are easily tracked and measured in the form of ratings and statistics and the compliance metric is calculated. The QDO Token Flow can be explained thus,

  • Once the subscription starts, the owner of the subscription will receive the QDO tokens in their respective accounts.

  • Initially, these tokens are locked and will be eligible for unlocking only when the entire account, means all the employees perform over a specific level in their respective position.

  • The Qoodo compliance metric determines the performance levels by tracking all tasks and activities that individual users and managers perform.

  • Once the tokens are unlocked after the compliant performance, ‘Admin’ coordinates the reward of the employees(mandatory) by sending them the tokens and incentivizing their quality work and efficient compliance.

  • Users can then track their account balances and withdraw the tokens to an external wallet at any time.

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