Product for Different Industrial Sectors

Qoodo is the ideal product for various industries in the retail markets and other business enterprises. Qoodo App ensures perfect compliance with minimum work. Companies include the following categories can benefit from:

  • the user management system which follows employee hierarchy and helps shape responsibilities,

  • the intelligent log management and timesheet assistant which enables easy and fast record creation and an automated log wizard,

  • live chats in real-time which ensure better quality customer service.

Qoodo offers an effective evaluation system related to the completion of tasks, accurate completion of logs, and accurate attendance to facilitate perfect compliance.

Let's discover some more details on the industry usages:


If you are a catering unit, Qoodo will allow you to track all the inspections related to the activities of your kitchen staff and ensure that they follow strict hygiene standards. If there is any deviation from these standards, this will alert you immediately so that you can take action before it becomes an issue for your customers.

Public catering

In public catering, Qoodo can monitor the quality of food produced and ensure that every step from HACCP is followed. This helps ensure that customers are getting the highest quality of food possible while also providing a record of all the steps involved in preparing that food so that it can be repeated if necessary.


In the case of Accommodation, Qoodo manages your quality measures that every step from supply to delivery is tracked, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your guests. Whether you're a hotel chain or an independent bed-and-breakfast owner, Qoodo gives you all the tools you need to ensure that your guests get precisely what they paid for—whether it's a clean room or a healthy meal.

Food producer

Qoodo helps businesses manage their quality measures, make sure every step from HACCP is done, and keep track of their product data to stay on top of the latest trends.

In the process of producing food items, many factors can affect the quality of your products. Qoodo helps you manage these factors and verify that your products are safe to consume.

Food retail

In the case of Food retail, Qoodo helps them keep track of all their food preparation processes, from raw materials to finished products. It also allows them to track their inventory levels so they know when it's time for a purchase order by using log management or if something needs fixing up before it goes out.


With Qoodo, you can track your product's journey through the supply chain and record all testing protocols, product specifications, and suppliers. You can also use Qoodo's task management feature to organize your current projects, so you don't have to search for them when you need them.

Industrial activity

In the case of Industrial Activity, Qoodo could be used to track logs and production records. It is also ideal for managing tasks and managing log management. With Qoodo, you can keep track of the quality of each step in your manufacturing process using blockchain technology. This ensures that you are always on top of what's happening with your products and can manage it all in one place.

Qoodo is ideal for contractors and service providers who want to ensure they are doing their jobs well and for larger companies looking to streamline their workflow with a tool that helps them stay organized and make better decisions.

Office activity

Qoodo is the perfect solution for companies looking to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in task management, log management, and record keeping.

It makes it easy to manage tasks, log activities, and track records from the beginning to the end of an activity or process. This makes certain that you’re constantly being vigilant about your quality measures, so you can be sure that each step in your plan is met.

Health care

In the case of health care, Qoodo can be used to manage tasks, log various data points and track progress on projects. This can be used to confirm that all required information is being captured at all times so that it is readily available for review.

Qoodo allows you to manage your quality measures in such a way that it integrates into the workflow process of an organization or business, allowing the employees working on different aspects of it to easily access relevant information about patient care at any given time.


Qoodo helps warehouse managers to manage their quality measures promptly and achieve better results. This is done using blockchains and smart contracts, which provide the flexibility needed to track the performance of every aspect of the warehouse in real-time.

Qoodo’s task management module allows users to create tasks that can be assigned to multiple stakeholders (such as customers or employees) and set deadlines and priorities for each task. Once created, these tasks are stored in an immutable database which can be used for tracking purposes.

Qoodo also has a log management module that allows users to keep track of essential data such as orders placed by customers, shipments completed by employees, or any other information related to their business that might be important at some point in time later on down the road

2. Category usage within catering


The Qoodo system integrates with your system, so you can manage the quality measures that every step from HACCP must go through to ensure food safety and hygiene. It also provides a comprehensive analytics platform that lets you see where your business spends and loses money.


A Bistro could use Qoodo to keep track of each aspect of their day-to-day operations - from ordering supplies to making sure they're using the correct equipment- and then analyze those data points to make specific improvements where necessary.


In the case of Pub, Qoodo can be used to manage your quality measures, and every step from HACCP to Sanitation Management should go through this system. You can track your staff's duties and keep a record of all the required documents.

Street Food

Qoodo is also an excellent tool for managing your street food business. It lets you track each order, customer, and vendor details in real-time. This helps in reducing wastage by eliminating unnecessary manual processes like filling up orders manually on paper and sending them off at once.


If you are into the cafe business, then Qoodo will be very helpful for you as well. With its easy-to-use interface, you can manage all the mandatory tracking work in one place in a short, easy, and safe way.


In the case of Confectionery, Qoodo can be used to manage quality measures like the traceability of ingredients. This helps ensure the product's safety and reduces the risk of contamination.


Qoodo can be used by bakeries to track the flow of ingredients and finished goods through the supply chain, which can help them optimize production processes. This way, it helps bakeries manage their costs and ensure that they deliver the goods to their customers in the most efficient manner possible.


In the case of the brasserie, Qoodo can track all time and cost information about the items used during the preparation and service stages. This will help owners save money on waste due to improper storage methods and improper handling of items.

Food bar

Qoodo allows businesses to manage their quality measures, from HACCP, food safety, and quality systems to food production, packaging, storage, and transportation. It provides tools for tracking all of these critical processes. This allows the company to ensure they meet their quality standards while saving time on tedious tasks that would otherwise be required.


In the case of Buffet, it can be used to track the history of food safety issues that may have occurred in their buffet restaurant. The restaurant would use Qoodo to track these incidents, so they know when to take action to prevent further problems.


In the case of a Club, Qoodo can be used to manage tasks and records related to the club. You must have an efficient system in place so that employees understand what needs to be done and when. Using Qoodo, you can gain insight into your business’s performance, which will help lead to better customer service.

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