QDO Buyback Program

Qoodo has introduced the QDO Buyback program to facilitate the QDO Rewards program in the long term. It guarantees that in the future, our users can utilize the tokens conveniently in our ecosystem. The Regular Buyback happens monthly after receiving the subscription fee of every subscriber for the previous month. Initially, the buyback rate is 10%. The Qoodo QDO Buyback program has been introduced as a standalone initiative aimed at ensuring the long-term usability of QDO tokens within the Qoodo ecosystem.

Under the QDO Buyback program, a regular monthly buyback process occurs. This process takes place after Qoodo receives the subscription fees from its users for the previous month. Once the subscription fees have been collected, Qoodo initiates the buyback process.

Initially, the buyback rate is set at 10%. This means that Qoodo commits to repurchasing QDO tokens from the market equivalent to 10% of the subscription fees collected from users. For example, if the total subscription fees for a given month amount to $10,000, Qoodo will allocate $1,000 to buy back QDO tokens.

The main purpose of the buyback program is to create demand for QDO tokens and enhance liquidity within the market. By regularly repurchasing tokens, Qoodo aims to contribute to the stability of QDO token value, ensuring that users can conveniently utilize them within the Qoodo ecosystem.

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