QDO Star System

QDO Star System, based on the Qoodo Compliance Metric evaluation, is a certification system and part of the social and market feed. It allows the certification of quality work while redeeming a specific amount of tokens. It is visible to all members of the Qoodo community. Thus, it encourages the work of the members of the community by acknowledging it publicly.

The QDO Star System is an integral part of the Qoodo platform, functioning as a certification system based on Qoodo social platform. It utilizes the Qoodo Compliance Metric evaluation to assess the quality of work performed by community members. The primary objective of this system is to publicly acknowledge and certify exceptional work by awarding badges that represent different levels of performance.

One of the ways QDO tokens can be utilized is by redeeming them for badges. These badges signify different levels of achievement or expertise within the community. In some cases, these badges may be minted as NFTs, which are unique digital assets that represent ownership or proof of authenticity. By minting badges as NFTs, they become rare and indivisible tokens, adding a layer of exclusivity to the recognition received.

When a member redeems their QDO tokens for an NFT badge, they gain a digital collectible that represents their accomplishment. This NFT badge can be publicly displayed on their profile or shared with others within the Qoodo community. This display serves as a visual representation of their achievements and allows others to easily recognize their expertise or level of performance.

By utilizing NFTs as badges, the Qoodo platform provides an additional layer of value and uniqueness to the recognition received by community members. These NFT badges can be seen as digital certificates of achievement, showcasing a member's skills, contributions, or accomplishments within the community.

In summary, in the QDO Star System, QDO tokens can be redeemed for badges that represent levels of achievement within the Qoodo community. These badges can be minted as NFTs, adding exclusivity and uniqueness to the recognition received. NFT badges serve as digital collectibles and visual representations of accomplishments, allowing members to publicly display their expertise and contributions.

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