Anti Snipe function

In order to protect our clients of the bots that manipulate the price of the token at the launch we have implemented the Anti Snipe solution.

Who are snipers?

Sniper bots continuously scan the mempool looking for transactions that indicate that they are adding liquidity to a brand new liquidity pool. The bot sends a swap transaction to buy the token. If the gas price is adjusted correctly, it is executed in the same block (but immediately after) of the transaction which adds liquidity.

The solution Thus the token contract have two main 2 functions:

  1. Liquidity restrictor allows adding the first liquidity only to the project owner. This will protect your project from all unwanted pairs with artificially set prices on any of the DEXes. Works throughout the entire existence of the token.

  2. Antisnipe function: Protects our clients from sniper bots buying tokens at the initial price and then selling it at higher, getting profit and dumping the token.

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