How does the platform work with the blockchain?

We use blockchain technology to enhance transparency and record immutability, making the app safer and more reliable than traditional QMS apps.

Blockchain enables storing our transactions and provides facilities for the QDO Explorer platform, where users can view specific data on-chain.

Blockchain envisages using our tokens in various ways. For instance, if someone wants to perform a transaction related to our data tracking, they should possess QDO tokens.

Initially, our system will be integrated with the Polygon to enhance the transparency and functionalities of the Qoodo App. There will be three main data connection points for this integration:

  1. Quality-related data tracking/storing/displaying.

  2. Product-related data tracking/storing/displaying.

  3. Assessments and documentation authenticity.

The quality-related data is based on our compliance metric that tracks all the user activities including record-keeping, custom tasks, audits, and ratings. It's also a certification system with three levels of depth.

Access levels:

Level 1 – Only the results of the compliance metric and the respective frequent/current progress.

Level 2 – A brief statistical analysis of the frequent/current results.

Level 3 – A deeper statistical analysis of the frequent results with history including Qoodo Rating.

Flow: Qoodo App -> Smart contracts -> Polygon chain ->Smart contracts -> QDO explorer -> Customers/clients/public

Description: Each Level selected by the user will trigger a smart contract developed as per the level specifications. It will Store data on Smart Contracts. We will use Oracles alongside the Smart contracts to reduce the burden of the immense data flow on the blockchain.

After storing the data, it will be fetched from the smart contract and will be displayed on our QDO Explorer, with verification links from the chain. For each level of certifications, we will mint an NFT that can be useable by the customer.

To whom: All companies that strive for quality and want to have an authentic, transparent, and accessible certification system.

Why: To be able to prove their quality based on a sophisticated audit system.

Access: In-app users -> pay with QDO tokens, different amounts for different levels. Users without subscriptions can use our certification method and pay with QDO tokens.

Deliverables: Data tracking on QDO explorer + NFT certificates(3 levels).

Every kind of product can be tracked by our system. Logging and labeling during production is an obligation for all manufacturers. By using Qoodo the process of recording the specifics is easy and fast and our QR code system joined with blockchain makes the tracking immutable.

Flow: Qoodo App: QR/app record -> Smart contracts -> Polygon chain -> Smart contracts -> Product tracker -> Customers/clients/public

Description: The details of the product will be registered on the chain by the client using Qoodo App. It generates a unique QR code that contains the specific data of the product. This will be stored in a Single contract (for high scalability we will use oracles here as well ). We log the product on-chain, and whenever there is a query via our Product tracker by scanning the QR of the product we will show the specific details of it.

To whom: All companies strive for quality and originality. Suppliers, commercials, and buyers as well. Why: Prove their product origin history and quality. Access: Free(only gas fee) Deliverable: Detailed history log, Product tracker app

3. Assessments and documentation authenticity.

Qoodo wizard creates mandatory assessments, education certificates, and other documents according to the needs of the users while simultaneously minting it as an NFT making it transparent and traceable.

Flow: Qoodo App -> IPFS -> Smart contracts -> Polygon -> Smart contracts -> QDO explorer/dApps -> Customers/clients/public

Description: Wizard creates the document and our system uploads it to IPFS. At the same time, it mints an NFT from that and the minted NFT will be available on-chain with its specific metadata. Users can track it on-chain with Polygon tracker or use QDO Explorer where we customize the data regarding the authenticity.

For the public (the clients that have no Qoodo subscription) we will have a public marketplace that is also based on our wizard, so anyone can order assessments and documents and they will be partially charged with QDO tokens.

To whom: All companies that are subject to regulatory compliance. In-app users and clients without Qoodo subscriptions via our marketplace. Why: Prove their compliance and authenticity. Access: QDO token is incorporated into the fees. Deliverable: QDO Explorer, Marketplace, documents in different formats, documents in NFTs.

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